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Extanor GA VH16-043-0001

Image and basic information

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Information in Finnish for VRL register

Temperament and behavior


Cover Date Mare Foal
02/2016 Scarabea GA m. Scaramia Ion
03/2016 Renate Lennstrup st. Exact Ion
12/2017 Maleficent GA -

Shows and results

Date Discipline Class Organizer Result
21.7.16 VSN SWB stallions Adina -
7.8.16 VSN Warmblood stallions Marcius -
21.2.17 VSN Warmblood stallions Vähäpelto 10/12
8.2.18 KRJ GP Cliché Baroque 1/30
22.7.18 VSN Puoliveriorit Duán Stable 10/11