Rocky Mountain Horses   

Confidential Ion VH15-009-0040
MEMORIAL PAGE, deceased on 27.05.2022

Image and basic information

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Information in Finnish for VRL register

Temperament and behavior


Cover Date Mare Foal
12/2020 Romy Ion st. Restricted Ion

Shows and results

Date Discipline Class Organizer Result
8.4.21 ARJ Amble Delmenhorst 2/16
7.4.21 ARJ Amble Delmenhorst 1/16
5.4.21 ARJ Amble Delmenhorst 3/16
3.4.21 ARJ Amble Delmenhorst 2/16
2.4.21 ARJ Amble Delmenhorst 4/16
1.4.21 ARJ Amble Delmenhorst 3/16
31.3.21 ARJ Cup 3-käynti Cosrett 4/20
29.4.18 ARJ Amble Hazard 4/22
27.4.18 ARJ Amble Hazard 4/22


Classified Ion
152 cm, pal
Swag In Knox
149 cm, cre
Rolling Sixtie
Top Secret Ion
153 cm, ch
Copper Mountain GA
Top-Down GA
Beckah Ion
148 cm, bl
Flaming Ion
141 cm, b
Burning Ginger GA
Nellie Blues GA
Bernadette Ion
148 cm, silver bl
Electric GA
Southern Belle GA