Tennessee Walking Horses   

Lulubelle Loon Ion VH15-019-0023

Image and basic information

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Information in Finnish for VRL register

Temperament and behavior


DoB Foal name Gender Color Breed Sire Other info
19.2.17 Panchito Pistoles Ion stallion dk b tobiano twh Hapless Ion sold

Shows and results

Date Discipline Class Organizer Result
1.4.21 ARJ Park harness Ionic 2/19
8.12.20 ARJ Park harness Ljóma 1/21
7.12.20 ARJ Park Ljóma 2/21
4.12.20 ARJ Park harness Ljóma 1/21
3.12.20 ARJ Formal combination Ljóma 1/21
2.12.20 ARJ Park Ljóma 1/21
1.12.20 ARJ Park Ljóma 2/21
20.11.20 ARJ Park Ljóma 1/17
19.11.20 ARJ Formal combination Ljóma 3/18
19.11.20 ARJ Park Ljóma 2/17
16.11.20 ARJ Formal combination Ljóma 4/18
15.11.20 ARJ Formal combination Ljóma 2/18
15.11.20 ARJ Park Ljóma 4/17


John D. Rockerduck Ion
157 cm, gold ch sab
Affect Ion
154 cm, ch sab
Freedom Ion
156 cm, ch sab
Free Roads Ahead
Meek's Lady Viola
Alert BRN
152 cm, ch tob
Actually Oval
Anxiety X
Goldie O'Gilt Ion
158 cm, classic ch ro
Harvard BRN
160 cm, bl ro tob
Harmlet J15
Fancy Belfast
Sunshine Goldie GA
155 cm, classic cr ch
Star & Sun EVM
Lil' Golden Hair EVM
Run Way Ion
156 cm, b
Merry Red Ion
156 cm, ch
Belfalas Medhros
157 cm, pal
Maedhros (missing)
Lady Red Rose
155 cm, ch
Peacock's Thorn of Rose EVM
Lady Lovely B EVM
VF Running Beauty
156 cm, b
Run Riot EP
160 cm, ch
Sleeping Beauty EP
155 cm, bl