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Virtual (SIM) stable Ionic

Ionic is a Finnish virtual (SIM) stable which was established in 2004. Nowadays (2022) it is one of the oldest stables that is still active. It is also the biggest Finnish virtual stable: here are more than 3000 horses.

You can contact me via e-mail any time and I answer also in English.


Ionic is primarily a stud farm. I'm breeding dozens of different horse and pony breeds. Akhal-Tekes are located in Gin Ahaltek, the sister stable of Ionic. It's a common practise in the Finnish SIM world to use strictly SIM bloodlines and so it is also in Ionic and Gin Ahaltek.

Almost every foal born in Ionic can be recognised by its name: there is a suffix "Ion" in every foals name, like "Alexandrina Ion" or "Idril Celebrindal Ion". Sometimes "Ion" is not used as such but there is some localised version of it:

Sometimes there isn't any of them. For example, Arabian horses in general have a two-part name with the dam line name and their "own" name.

Buying a horse from Ionic

If you are interested in buying a horse from Ionic, contact me via e-mail. There is not any "for sale" list in Ionic but you can always ask if you find some nice horse. Usually the horses bred in Ionic are can be sold.

Covering your mare with an Ionic stallion

If you think that some of Ionic's stallions is appropriate for your mare and you would like to cover your mare, contact me via e-mail. I would like to know the URL of the mare and the desired covering date. When the foal is born, it would be nice to know its URL so I can link it on the stallion's foal list.